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In-Touch specializes in capturing information and opinions from people (customers, prospects and employees), and analyzing that data to provide businesses with insight into how to grow revenue and reduce costs. Our wide range of interactive data capture products includes the interactive marketing kiosk, mobile tablets and PDAs, web-based solution, and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing). We also offer full service mystery shop programs with a Canada-wide system of mystery shoppers and on-site facilitators, delivering expertise in survey design, data analysis and reporting to traditional mystery shopping. Our technology-based survey solutions, logistical support services and on-demand reporting enable companies to improve their business performance by capturing, analyzing, reporting and acting on customer and employee feedback. Over 250 companies, associations and government organizations across North America have enjoyed actionable survey results thanks to the many millions of surveys that In-Touch has conducted over the past 16 years. Our customers are most often in the retail, food services, financial or hospitality industries and include companies like Purolator, Royal Bank of Canada, Papa Murphys, Canada Post, Victorias Secret, Crocs, Prime Restaurants (Caseys, East Side Marios), Hallmark, Toys R Us, Loblaws, Toyota, Blockbuster, Sobeys and General Motors.
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