Pavo Sales B.V. is an international company, by its global presence, but first and foremost international at heart. We are made up out of a great number of origins. This is our force. It is our own diversity that makes everyone of us understand that our worldwide distributors and consumers all have different needs that demand different catering for. Doing just that is what unites us. Making products is our passion, moulding materials to just the best configuration, allowing for the most precise and user friendly usage. Our international presence has made us able to see various local requirements and translate those into functions. It is not just using our products we want consumers to do it is enjoying to use them. This has over the past 10 years continuously driven our product development and has made us successful. Pavo manufactures and trades in office supplies for presentation purposes, f.i. laminating, binding and paper cutting products, and in office security products, f.i. paper shredders, cash boxes and key cabinets.Pavo has offices in The Netherlands, France, Germany and Hong-Kong.The Pavo team is proud to serve you.
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