Structural Movers

Structural Movers Companies Worldwide
  • Offers a profile of the executive, member listings, back issues of their magazine, \"Structural Mover\", an overview of the museum and membership information.
  • Operates in British Columbia and Alberta.
  • Worldwide movers of heritage buildings. Ontario, Canada.
  • Specializes in recycling relocatable buildings by buying, selling, moving and raising houses and many other types of buildings. Based in Calgary, Alberta.
  • Specializes in house moving, raising and leveling. Also relocates heavy machinery or equipment and works internationally. Based in British Columbia.
  • Specializes in lifting and moving structures (houses, bridges, barns, oversized factory equipment). Photo galleries, history, and online quote forms. Located in
  • Company in Alberta moves all types of buildings and structures. Specializes in modular and mobile home transportation and set-up.
  • Over 30 years experience of lifting and moving all types of buildings. Includes a photo gallery. Serving northern BC and Yukon.
  • Lifting and moving all types of structural buildings for more than 30 years. Includes a photo gallery. Located in Lindsay, ON.
  • Specializes in moving heavy machinery and historic landmarks. Also raises businesses and homes above flood lines. Based in Shelbyville, KY.
  • House and historic building movers based in Virginia.
  • Complete moving services for residential dwellings and commercial structures. Based in Huntsville, AL.
  • Movers and haulers of extreme weight and size loads. Facilities include a rail transload, storage facility and a 600 tonne crane for lash barge work. Located in
  • Located in Schuylerville, NY. A company that lifts and moves houses and other structures. Serving Albany, Saratoga Springs, Catskill region to the Canadian border, and
  • Provides structural moving for homes, businesses, boats, trains and buildings. Based in Orlando, FL.
  • Moves, buys and sells used houses and buildings in Minnesota.
  • Provides service to Iowa and Southern Minnesota for moving wood frame houses, brick houses and commercial buildings. Also raises homes and digs basements under them.
  • Raises houses, buildings and structures of all types. Specializes in brick, masonry and historic structures in Michigan and surrounding states.