Gauges and Meters

Gauges and Meters Companies Worldwide
  • Produces a broad line of standard and custom-built sight glasses, sight flow indicators, fused sight glasses, and liquid level gauges. Offers detailed information on the
  • Manufacturers of liquid level, control, and alarm systems, leak detectors, float switches, manometry and gauges for pressure, vacuum, specific gravity.
  • Converts and customizes instrument dials for gauges, meters, thermometers. Addition of logos, color, and special text.
  • Manufacturer of spiral wound bourdon tube pressure gauges for fire protection, medical and industrial gases.
  • Manufactures bimetal thermometers, pressure gauges, diaphragm seals and related accessories.
  • Manufacturer of thermometers, pressure gauges and associated products for retail, scientific and industrial applications.
  • Manufacturers of stainless steel, welded, direct drive dial thermometers.
  • Taiwanese manufacturer of diaphragm pressure gauges.
  • Manufactures bi-metallic dial thermometers and distributor of shock proof pressure gauges.
  • Produces the SeeLeveL family of liquid level gauges, used for liquid monitoring and spill prevention.
  • Manufacturers flow meters, liquid level gauges and sight flow indicators.
  • Manufactures pressure gauges, bimetal thermometers, liquid filled thermometers, process instruments, accessories.
  • Manufactures differential pressure gauges and switches, pulsation snubbers, pressure limiting valves, averaging pitot tubes, portable flow measurement, and backflow
  • Chinese pressure gauge manufacturer.
  • Manufacturer of pressure and temperature gauges, valves, manifolds and accessories. Located in Scotland.
  • Manufacturer of pressure gauges and related products including the direct drive analog pressure gauge, digital pressure products and other pressure accessories.
  • Provider of pressure gauges and service tools.
  • Manufacturer of A/C, refrigeration, water, utility, and medical gauges.
  • Manufacturers of pressure gauges and precision instruments. Located in India.
  • Manufacturer of magnetic liquid level gauges, transmitters, switches, pressure powered pumps and other liquid level, mass, and density instruments.
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